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Leadership Summit 2020 online

Curo’s annual Leadership Summit was held earlier this week, for the first time hosting the leadership delegation in an online forum.

Curo’s annual Leadership Summit was held earlier this week, for the first time hosting the leadership delegation in an online forum.

While the national lockdown has sped-up the implementation of such initiatives, the leadership team are, quite literally, leading by example, in embracing such change and, indeed, capiltalising on it to spearhead a new way of work across the business.

“We are not just adjusting because of the crisis situation we find ourselves in, we are harnessing an opportunity to be agile, try new things and embrace a new and improved approach,” says CEO, Barri Maggott.

Harnessing the capabilities of Zoom Pro, the leadership team got together virtually to share, unpack and brainstorm future developments that will define the business’ progress over the next five years. The event illustrates yet another way in which the business has turned the crisis that is the Covid-19 pandemic into an opportunity to rethink and reshape its way of work and associated engagement.

“The Leadership Summit is an annual event that brings our leaders together to collaborate on the future vision and progress of our business. This year was additionally astute given the strategy discussion but also the expression and experience of the event as it epitomises a new way,” explains HR Executive and Summit speaker, Mandla Dlova.

The business sees their holistic new approach as more than an alignment to the lockdown restrictions and current operating constraints, but a positive challenge that fuels the next phase of Curo’s evolution to enhance the journey the business started some two years ago. Read more about the business journey here.

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